DPM 2141 Vertical Panel Saw Machine



Product Description

Thanks to the lower carrier movable wheels in the Bala Machine DPM model, you can easily move the panel to be sized on the machine by bringing the wheels to the upper position whenever you want. There is no need for any air installation in the model, which is defined as completely mechanical

Product Specification

Manual lock system
Movable panel system with manual operation
Scoring unit with circular conical blade
Bottom panel carriage system with fiber supports

Technical Specifications

Özellikler Bilgiler
Motor Power 3 KW - 4 HP
Rotation speed motor 2880 rpm
Rotation speed of circular blade 4500 rpm
Rotation speed of scoring blade 9000 rpm
Vertical & horizontal cutting high 2100 mm
Vertical & horizontal cutting length 3700 mm
Cutting thikness 60 mm
Cutting Blade 250x80x30x3.2 mm
Scoring Blade 80x20x2.8-3.6 (10+10)
Overall  Dimension (LxHxW) 5500x3000x2000 mm
Packing dimension (LxHxW) 5200x2500x2300 mm
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