DPM AV 2137 Vertical Panel Saw Machine



Product Description
The DPM AV model, which Bala Makina has created as a result of its long years of experience, offers versatile solutions to users. With the software developed by the Bala R&D team, it provides the opportunity to work with maximum efficiency.

Product Ppecification

Panel lifting system
Automatic carriage
Barcode printer
Vertical cutting pushers
Scoring unit
Automatic positioning system
Control Panel with Software Optimizing Panel Cuts
Panel carriage system with metal rollers

Technicial Specifications

Features Informations
Motor power 3 KW - 4 HP
Rotation speed motor 2880 rpm
Rotation speedof circular blade 4500 rpm
Rotation speedof scoring blade 9000 rpm
Vertical & horizontalcutting high 2100 mm
Vertical & horizontalcutting length 3700 mm
Cutting thikness 42 mm
Cutting Blade 250x80x30x3.2 mm
Scoring Blade 80x20x2.8-3.6 (10+10)
Overall Dimension (LxHxW) 8000x3300x2000 mm
Packingdimension (LxHxW) 7000x2700x2400 mm
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