Felix CNC Drilling Machine




Felix, CNC controlled drilling machine, is a new generation line type drilling machine. It has the ability to process 5 surfaces of the part quickly and precisely. Thanks to the milling unit it contains, it allows milling applications.

FELIX model is a new generation CNC drilling machine with 1300mm part width, front and rear air floatation table, ability to make patterns with milling motor and make holes on 5 surfaces of the part.

Product features

Precision Positioning With Double Gripper System
With the help of the double gripper that is controlled by independent servo motors, you can perform the positioning in the most precise way: which ensures perfect results in your positioning and part handling system.
Width Gage For Panel
Thanks to the optional width gage system on the machine, the operator can check the accuracy of the entered piece size.
Pressure Roller
The pressure rollers enable precise machining by fixing parts in drilling and milling applications.
Airfloatation Delivery Tables
The optional working table on rear of the machine allows easily unloading of the sensitive parts (lacquered painted, mdf, etc.) to be delivered without damage with its ergonomic structure.
Air Floatation Tables
The front entry air flotation working table, which is standard on the Felix model, facilitates the loading of parts into the machine.
Waste Unit
It ensures the waste parts formed in milling applications to reach the discharge area easily and without damaging the machine.

Technicial Specifications

Features Informations
X Axis Capacity Unlimited
Y Axis Capacity 1300 mm
Z Axis Capacity 40 mm
X Axis Speed 90 m/min
Y Axis Speed 90 m/min
Z Axis Speed 40 m/min
Vertical Drill Unit 9
Horizontal Drill unit 3
Grooving Saw 1
Double Clamping System Standard
Air Floatation Table Optional
Milling Motor 5.5 Kw
X Axis Servo Motor (Fanuc) 0,5 Kw
U Axis Servo Motor (Fanuc) 0,5 Kw
Y Axis Servo Motor (Fanuc) 0,75 Kw
Z Axis Servo Motor (Fanuc) 0,75 Kw
Installed Power 9 Kw