Vesta CNC Router Machine




The Vesta model offers high-end solutions for your nesting and hole applications with its strong body structure and advanced configuration. It enables flexible production with its structure that can perform by using different applications in the same machine.

Product Features

Loading Unit
The loading unit automatically transport the pallets, on the lift, to the working table for processing; which provides efficient and fast production.
Automatic Vacuum Zone With 6 Asymmetric Zones
The machine working table is divided into 6 asymmetric vacuum zones. Multiple vacuum zones provide stronger grip during cutting.
Conveyor Unit
This unit moves the parts to the end of line, after processing. Then, the dust collection system on the unit cleans work pieces; so the operator can easily unload.
High-Efficiency Vacuum Pump
The high-performance and efficient vacuum pump provides maximum grip for the parts to be cut. It’s low maintenance cost and trouble-free usage design makes it possible to work for long years.
Unloading & Cleaning Unit
This unit discharges materials on the working table and clean it after processing. Thus, it makes the unit ready for the next operation.
Linear Tool Changer Unit
For your need of additional magazine unit, you can use 10-capacity linear magazine unit.

Technicial Specifications

Features Informations
Working Capacity 2100 x 2800 mm
Working Table Compact
X Axis Speed 70 m/min
Y Axis Speed 70 m/min
Z Axis Speed 20 m/min
Z Axis Distance 300 mm
Milling Motor 7,5 - 9 Kw
Milling Motor Rotation 24,000 RPM
Automatic Tool Changing Hold 10
Vacuum Pump 1 X 250 M3
Vacuum Area 6
CAD/CAM Program Alphacam
Installed Power 23 Kw
Weight 3,750 Kg